AIRtrac for Stationary Wall Mixers

AIRtracTM for Stationary Wall Mixers

entrained air measurement

The AIRtrac system is the first real-time air measurement device designed for wet concrete in a stationary wall mixer. The AIRtrac installs directly on all stationary wall mixers, such as twin shaft, pan, planetary, etc...The system calculates air content in wet concrete as it is being mixed; providing operators and quality control personnel with air information and insight into the mixing process that was never available before. The operator can take immediate action to adjust air content before the batch is dumped or on subsequent batches to ensure the mix will always be within specification. With our unique AIRtrac system, concrete producers can better understand  and optimize mixing times, batch sequencing and mix designs. All of this translates into increased productivity, reduced waste, lower costs and enhanced competitiveness.

  • Comes equipped with new wear resistant face plate for long term durability
  • Works on all types of concrete
  • Requires no calibration
  • Helps avoid costly claims by eliminating quality issues
  • Records air information for every batch of concrete produced