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HALO® Services

CiDRA’s HALO® SMARTring service provides an innovative approach to pipe wear measurement and characterization. During on-site visits, our expertly trained technicians take measurement readings from the SMARTring tool that is permanently installed on the outside of the pipe. These data readings are then interpreted by our own analysts who provide detailedreports to our customers. Pipeline asset management allows operators know where and how much a pipe is wearing to determine the proper action to prevent pipeline hole-outs and ruptures. In addition to extending pipe life, our service also helps to enhance pipeline safety.

  • Reduce process safety risk
  • Significantly reduce unplanned shutdowns
  • Mitigate loss of production and loss of containment
  • Extend pipe life
  • Reduce operating costs such as construction and rental of scaffolding, hydro-excavation, pipe cleaning and other services
  • Eliminate labor expense associated with NDT engineering firm manual UT measurements
  • Proactive scheduling and maintenance

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