SANDtrac Velocity Profile System

SANDtrac® Velocity Profile Service

The SANDtrac Velocity Profile System utilizes CiDRA’s patented sonar flow technology to measure and characterize the rheology or state of change of a hydrotransport or coarse tailing slurry. Through its circumferential sensor design, the SANDtrac provides a direct measurement of the velocity profile of a slurry. The data derived from these measurements creates a visual of the inside of the pipe which enables operators to determine when a sand bed is developing. Unlike other technologies, the SANDtrac delivers information in real-time, thus giving operators the opportunity to take preventative action against costly sand-outs. Another advantage of the SANDtrac is its ability to detect the stratification of sand beds. This information can be used by operators to determine the proper number and degree of interventions to take. The SANDtrac System also indicates whether a sand bed remains or is no longer present during a water flush, which can further prevent sand outs and even minimize water and energy usage.

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