Concrete Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Mark Sokolowski, Regional Quality Control Manager

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Taking Concrete Quality to a New Level

An excellent example of the AIRtrac advantage is a current bridge project with increased frequency of testing. The specifications have a 260mm maximum slump and requires that the air, temperature and slump to be tested on every bucket. We are able achieve the tight tolerances pour after pour with confidence and without affecting the quality or the pouring of the element.

The benefits of the AIRtrac to the production and operations process improves the pour cycles, no extended delays in pouring of the precast element due to additional mix testing and adjustments. This provides our customers and our team, with peace of mind in knowing that the highest standards of quality are maintained in the concrete produced, as well as the element that it is cast into.

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Jim Fitzgerald, Quality Control Manager, Blakeslee Prestress

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“The AIRtrac System has enabled Blakeslee insight and information never available before. Real time air and temperature information for every batch of concrete is extremely valuable information for our operation. AIRtrac allows us to know our air content for every batch and if it is necessary to take action while it’s still in the mixer. It provides us a much better understanding of mix time, batch sequencing and how admixtures affect our mix designs. Producing high quality, consistent concrete day in and day out is a very challenging job. The AIRtrac System definitely helps us do that.”