Anglo American Awards CiDRA Contract for Los Bronces

Anglo American Awards CiDRA Contract for Los Bronces

SONARtrac® Systems to Provide Pipeline Flow Measurement to the Largest Mining Project in Chile
Wallingford, CT - October 18, 2011

CiDRA Minerals Processing Inc. announced today that Anglo American has awarded CiDRA a contract to supply SONARtrac process measurement systems to the Los Bronces Development Project. The expansion of the Los Bronces copper mine is one of the largest mining jobs in Chile today. CiDRA’s SONARtrac process monitoring systems were chosen to provide flow measurements at multiple key monitoring points on the new slurry pipeline, designed and managed by Ausenco PSI. These critical measurements will be used for operational control along the pipeline to the concentrator plant. Ausenco PSI, under contract with Bechtel Chile Ltda., was responsible for the engineering plan and field engineering support for the expansion project’s slurry and reclaimed water pipeline. Anglo American’s previous experience with SONARtrac technology on an existing slurry pipeline of similar design was a factor in this selection. CiDRA’s SONARtrac technology was the best technology economically attainable for this project.
Los Bronces Development Project involves the addition of new grinding, mineral transport, and concentration facilities that will increase the Division's production capacity by roughly 230ktpa to 490ktpa of fine copper annually in the first three years and 400ktpa on average in the first 10 years. The scope of the new plant includes crushing and conveying, grinding and flotation circuits, utilizing the largest proven equipment to maximize operating efficiency, and concentrate regrind and a molybdenum plant.

The SONARtrac flow monitoring systems will be installed at six critical points along the 52 km long, 28” diameter slurry pipeline, which descends from the new concentrator plant high in the Andes Mountains to the valley floor. The instruments will be located at the head station and at all five energy dissipation stations, where they will provide critical information for operational control. Two additional SONARtrac instruments will be installed on the new recovered water pipeline for operational monitoring and control.

CiDRA’s SONARtrac flow technology is a new class of industrial flowmeter, utilizing measurement principles that are distinct from all other flowmeter technologies operating in the mining industry. SONARtrac non-contact flow monitoring systems make no contact with the liquid or slurry and can be removed and reinstalled without process interruption. As well, SONARtrac systems demonstrate very stable output and superior levels of performance in the presence of highly variable fluid properties. For the Los Bronces Development Project application on the new slurry pipeline, Ausenco PSI recommended the SONARtrac Process Measurement System for its high level of accuracy (within 1%), which allows the meters to play a dual role in both flow measurement. Ausenco PSI understood the value that highly accurate, non-contact flow measurements could add to the project and, therefore, designed CiDRA into the process.

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