HALO SMARTring System

HALO® SMARTring® System - Pipeline Reliability and Integrity


CiDRA’s slim profile HALO® SMARTring® pipe wear measurement system provides on-demand, permanent, fixed pipe wear measurements. The HALO system has been commercial for over six years delivering accurate, timely and consistent measurements even under the most extreme climates and conditions.

Customers have realized year-over-year sustainable benefits in terms of uptime through the elimination of pipe ruptures; the reduction of maintenance costs through the extension of pipe life, and an increase in operating efficiencies through enhanced scheduling. The HALO SMARTring measurement system has also contributed to the enhancement of process safety.

CiDRA customers are leveraging HALO SMARTring information to further understand the complex modes of wear degradation, including effects of erosion/corrosion, sliding and stationary sand beds. HALO SMARTring’s “on-demand” measurement system has enabled our customers to move from a condition of “swimming in data” to transforming data to information that can be acted upon with confidence.

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