CiDRA technical paper at 2016 WODCON XXI Available to Download

CiDRA technical paper at 2016 WODCON XXI Available to Download

Wallingford, CT - June 23, 2016

Alex van der Spek, PhD, presented a paper titled, NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR DREDGING MIXTURE VELOCITY MEASUREMENT, which covered an evaluation and the corresponding results using a passive sonar based mixture velocity measurement on a DEME trailing suction hopper dredger.

This technical paper was very well-received at the WODCON conference and is now available to download -- New Technology for Dredging Mixture Velocity Measurement.

CiDRA brings to the dredging industry an installation database of more than 4,500 sonar flow meters running worldwide; more than 650 systems in oilsands hydrotransport, coarse and fine tailings along with over 12 years of experience with these applications

The World Dredging Congress and Exposition (WODCON) is held once every three (3) years by WODA, the World Organization of Dredging Associations. The World Dredging Congress has become the most important and anticipated event for dredging professionals worldwide. WODCON is the only global event dedicated exclusively to dredging and maritime construction, and provides a unique platform for researchers and practitioners from industry, academia and governments to meet and discuss dredging.

The conference hosted more than 650 attendees, and showcased around 120 technical papers over three days covering all aspects of dredging and maritime construction.

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