SMARThatch™ for Truck Mixers

SMARThatchTM for Truck Mixers

smarthatch airtrac hatch install

The SMARThatch™ system is installed on the truck mixing drum providing continuous real-time air and temperature measurement from batch plant to job site.  The system measures air content in wet concrete as the drum rotates, providing operator and quality control personnel with air information that was never available before. The producer can take action to adjust air content before arriving at the job site and on subsequent batches to ensure the mix will be within specification. With our patented AIRtrac Mobile system, concrete producers can better understand and optimize mix designs, expand their QC coverage, spend less time on job site and catch problems early. All of this translates into increased productivity, reduced waste, lower costs and enhanced competitiveness.

  • Reduces rejected loads
  • Reduces time, labor and variability related to  manual testing
  • Better yield estimates & control
  • Provides continuous measurement of entire load vs. pressure pot small fraction sample size
  • Expands quality control coverage
  • Alerts key personnel to out-of-specification concrete
  • Easily installed on any truck style