AIRtrac™ Process Monitoring System

AIRtrac™ Air Measurement System for Concrete Mixers


CiDRA’s AIRtrac™ Air Measurement system offers a patented, innovative, turnkey solution for real-time air measurement during the concrete mixing process. The system is designed for use in all stationary-wall mixers, such as pan, twin-shaft, or turbine mixers. The AIRtrac solution provides real-time information that allows the operator to take action (air increase or decrease) before the batch, or subsequent batches, is dumped from the mixer, ensuring the mix will always be within specification. Producers now have “eyes into the process” - something that was not previously possible. This unique technology allows producers to better understand and optimize mixing time, batch sequencing, and mix design. The Quality Control (QC) and Production Managers now have air measurement records for every batch of concrete produced. The AIRtrac system improves concrete quality and consistency and reduces the cost of production.

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