AIRtrac is Total Air Management

Date of Conference: 
September 17, 2019
K.E. Miller LLC Consulting

The AIRtrac system is available for automatic “real-time monitoring” of fresh concrete during all stages of delivery (from batch plant to job-site) while providing the concrete producer a permanent record traceable to each delivery. I personally refer to AIRtrac as “Total Air Management”, because of what it provides the QC Departments of concrete producers. What do I mean by “Total Air Management”? Producers work with manufactured sand, different cements, pozzolans, set retarders, set accelerators, water reducers, and various other specialty chemicals to improve or modify their concrete products. All of these could affect the air entrainment of the concrete. This is where “Total Air Management” can be extremely helpful. Prior to arrival on the jobsite, AIRtrac is accurately monitoring all changes in real time. Commonly an increase in air content will appear after batching, followed by a steady decline in air content as truck travels to job-site. Producers need to understand this change from batch plant to job-site.

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