Ellatzite - The Ore Course

Ellatzite shares “The Ore Course” and includes CiDRA in the Flotation Complex

Grinding and Screening of the Ore Material -- For the first time in Europe, Ellatzite-Med has received a customer appreciation award for the implementation of the innovative production system CiDRA Minerals Processing. This system allows the particle distribution size in the pulp to be monitored, thus increasing the productivity and the technological performance of the plant.
The ore grinding scheme consists of one-stage operation with classification. Grinding is carried out in 11 ball mill units. Classification is performed by centrifugal sand pumps and hydrocyclones operating in closed circuit. The technology of grinding requires the particle size distribution to be kept within certain predefined ranges. In order to increase productivity, the sands from the hydrocyclones of Mill No. 2 or Mill No. 3 are fed into another mill for re-grinding.

Date of Conference: 
September 23, 2019
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News Article