Oilsands - Hydrotransport Slurry

SONARtrac Solutions for Hydrotransport Slurry


Hydrotransport pipelines in the oilsands industry are responsible for transporting the highly abrasive slurry that is a combination of water, rocks, clay, sand, and bitumen. The highly abrasive nature of this slurry is apparent as pipes are rotated regularly to even out the wear on the pipes. Intrusive volumetric flow meters experience similar wear and require frequent maintenance to ensure accurate readings. This maintenance creates additional operational expenses from repairs and replacements that result in process downtime. Since CiDRA’s sonar flow meter is a completely non-contact volumetric flow measurement system, it does not have contact with, and is thereby not affected by the corrosive nature of the slurry. The SONARtrac proves to be the superior slurry flow meter by providing more accurate measurements as well as a more compelling economic value.

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