International Mining Magazine - March 2016

International Mining Magazine - Peru Copper


As always, water is a serious question. CiDRA Minerals Processing successfully installed the largest SONARtrac system in Peru for Cuajone. The 1,219 mm meter was installed on a reclaimed water line. The large diameter of the pipe had prevented a flow meter from previously being fitted. Water resources in this area are scarce and highly regulated, and having an accurate flow measurement on this critical reclaimed water line allows Cuajone better water balance accounting. The system is required to measure water flow in one of the plant’s principal feed lines. The recovered water comes from Cuajone’s four thickeners and flows to a reservoir near the concentrator plant. The water is then distributed for reuse in the concentrator plant through the water feed lines to mills and flotation. Six pumps work alternately, depending on the amount of water recovered, to feed the lines in accordance with process demands. The fundamental characteristic of being a non-contact system allowed the installation of the 1,219 mm flow meter without having to stop the process or cut the pipe, which would have been required to install conventional flowmeter technologies.

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