TN0034 • Issues collecting data from the SONARtrac USB port

Issues collecting data from the SONARtrac USB port

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August 29, 2022

Problem (or Issue): Unable to collect data with flash drive from the USB port on the SONARtrac transmitter
Answer (steps/instructions): 1. A SONARstick flash drive is supplied with all transmitters shipped. It is always best, when possible, to use the flash drive that shipped with the device as it was tested with it prior to shipment ensure compatibility. 2. Some earlier Firmware releases, pre 4.02.56, may not have allowed sufficient time for larger capacity drives to be recognized. Finding a compatible, smaller capacity drive may be necessary in this instance. If found CiDRA may be able to provide instructions and files needed to reprogram the transmitter to lates release firmware such that larger capacity drive might be compatible. 3. It has been noted that when using commercially available flash drives that due to differing thresholds of chipsets within flash drives, sometimes even among the same brand name, some devices will indicate incompatible. If this happens and the original SONARstick is unavailable, try a different brand and or capacity drive. Or to reach out to CiDRA support for quotation on a new SONARstick drive.
Beyond the above the following provide some basic instructions for diagnosing why an operator may experience issues collecting data from the USB port with a flash drive.

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Technical Note