2014 IMPC • Rating Cumulative Grade Recovery Curve Data

Rating Cumulative Grade Recovery Curve Data

Date of Conference: 
October 20, 2014
Alex van der Spek, Christian O’Keefe
Abstract / Introduction: 

Evaluation of inequalities of the partial sums defining cumulative grade and recovery prove that cumulative grade has an upper bound not dependent on the bank number and cumulative recovery possesses an upper bound proportional to the bank number. This explains one observed characteristic of cumulative grade versus cumulative recovery curves.
The existence of such maxima combined with the observed shape of cumulative grade-recovery curves leads us to postulate that these curves can be well described by rectangular hyperbolae. Rectangular hyperbolae are characterized by asymptotes at right angles to each other. It is proven that this property can be used to derive an equation for the cumulative mass flow of the concentrate in terms of the asymptotic values of cumulative grade and cumulative recovery.

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Technical Paper