2014 IMPC 2014 • Process Optimization Using Real-Time Measurement

Process optimization at Rio Tinto Kennecott using real-time measurement of coarse material in individual hydrocyclone overflow streams

Date of Conference: 
October 20, 2014
Robert Maron, Jerin Russell, Paul Rothman, Christian O’Keefe, David Newton, Dylan Cirulis
Abstract / Introduction: 

The presence of unwanted coarse material in flotation feed streams negatively impacts both recovery and throughput of concentrator plants. The detection of this coarse material is a long-standing problem in mineral processing that has been poorly addressed by existing instrumentation systems.
This problem has been overcome by the development of two new systems that detect in real-time the presence of coarse material in the overflow stream of individual hydrocyclones. They both use sensors mounted to the overflow pipe of the hydrocyclone and provide a robust and maintenance-free system measurement that enables corrective actions through operator intervention or automatic control strategies.
One system is non-invasive and detects very coarse material 6mm or greater in size. The other system uses a wetted sensor and detects coarse material down to a lower size limit of approximately 100 um. Both systems have been commercially deployed. The systems will be described in detail. Validation data and typical plant data will be shown.

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Technical Paper