SONARtrac Solutions - Desalination

SONARtrac® Water Treatment Solutions - Desalination

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January 5, 2015

The SONARtrac flowmeter is a clamp-on system that does not come into contact with the fluid, is not affected by scale buildup or corrosive/abrasive slurries and provides an accurate, reliable flow measurement for the desalination process.
Due to the shortage of fresh water in regions throughout the world, and a facility’s proximity to the ocean, seawater has become a part of the design and process for various industrial plants. Seawater presents challenges that fresh water does not, among these are the corrosive nature of the salt water and the scale buildup. The SONARtrac flowmeter’s non-invasive design has been chosen by customers as the best technology to measure flow in the Seawater Intake facility, the Seawater Pretreatment facility, Waste Seawater Sludge Disposal facility, and Waste Seawater Discharging facility as it works well on pipes of all materials, and eliminates the need to shutdown the process to install or service a meter.

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