SONARtrac® VF/GVF-100

SONARtrac® Volumetric Flow and Entrained Air Measurement System Product with Phase Fraction Management

sonar flow meter

CIDRA’s patented passive sonar, non-contact technology provides dual measurement capability of the volumetric flow and air content (gas void fraction (GVF) in slurries and liquids. This unique combination finally enables true phase fraction management leading to unprecedented improvement in process efficiencies and operations.

Whether used to correct total volumetric flow in bubbly flows, correcting the measurement error in density meters for a more accurate mass balance or for detecting the cause of process flow upsets, SONARtrac PFM delivers both top and bottom line value for thousands of customers around the world.

Entirely non-contact, full bore clamp-on design enables:
  • Installation without process shutdown
  • No pressure drop
  • No potential for leaks
  • No wetted parts to corrode or fail
  • No flow obstruction, no clogging
  • No moving parts

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